What to carry on a trekking trip


Trekking means you are more than likely to encounter harsh climatic conditions. The trekkers need to prepare themselves to deal with the challenge ahead

Shirts and T shirts

Versatile layering is the key to any trip. One needs to wear multiple but light layers of clothing as it will help you to move comfortably. It is also easy to put it on and off during the course of your trip. Trekkers are usually known to wear half sleeved T shirts and it is also better to get full sleeved ones with a collar to avoid any form of sunburns. T shirts will also absorb the moisture or sweat, but it is breathable and is known to dry quickly. Obviously, one would like to get a cold from their sweat.



Trousers and skirts

When you go for trekking, zip offs with long trousers are of great use as they tend to double up as shots. They can be useful throughout the day and can be windproof or water proof. They dry fast and are comfortable after a wash. If it is possible, you can buy them with zipped pockets, so that your wallet or cell phone does not fall down.

Jackets and Coats

At no point, one should wear revealing or skimpy clothes and this applies to both men and women who are going on a trekking trip. Mens winter coat would also not be a bad idea to keep the cold winds at bay.

When you undertake trekking, weather is an unpredictable factor. During the course of a trek, it can rain considerably, be sunny and be icy cold and all this can be during a short time frame. The jackets which are windproof and water proof are a must to bear the elements when you are on a trip to any destination. So down jackets are going to be your greatest asset when you are on a trekking trip. They are compressible, light, to carry in your backpack but they are a tinge expensive.

Trekking Shoes

If you do not have trekking shoes, then you are not bound to enjoy the experience of trekking. It will be hell, so you need to get your hands on a pair of good trekking shoes. If they are new, go for short hikes and you need to wear them when you go out. One can also wear light weight sneakers or sandals for walking around camp.

A lot of information is available on the various online portals about what all things you need to wear or look into when you are out on a trekking trip.

So, all the best on your trekking trip.

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