Various trends of parka jackets for men


The parka jackets are also known as the anorak jackets – these jackets come with a hood. They are often lined with fur or faux fur in some cases. The parka jackets are mostly used in the cold countries where the temperature is too cold. The hood on the jackets is the means to protect you from cold biting winds. The original version of parka was made from seal skins which were hunted from the Arctic. These parkas are supposed to be waterproof and at the same time can be used as a pull over. When it comes to men, all of us know that they would always want to remain fashion conscious and look elegant – so over a period of time, the looks of parkas have also changed.

These forms of jackets are loved by people who are more into winter sports like snowboarding. They are several features such that the extra parts of it can be removed. It offers an unbeatable protection again the wind and for someone in windy regions of the world this is a must have for sure. The major advantage of this jacket over the other form of jackets mainly is the size and the colors. The online platform is the best place to buy these jackets.

With the passage of time and men demanding more fashionable styles, there are various types of men’s parka jacket available in the market. You can choose from a variety of ranges.

Parka jackets for men

  • Wind breaker Parka – this is a light weight parka – as suggested by the name itself. Even though it is light in weight it can easily protect you from all types of strong weather conditions and at the same time it is waterproof. The main benefit of this parka is that it can withstand the heat of the body of the person without becoming heavy unlike other parkas. The wind breaker parka can be folded in smaller bags and can be carried easily from one place to another. This is most preferred by men who go on camping and hiking trips.
  • Trench Parka – the trench parka extends upto the knee – the reason that it has been made long is because it can withstand strong icy winds which are blowing and also the snow which comes under the jacket. There trench parkas with belts which can be tightened for further protection of your body.
  • Ribbed down filled parka – This type of parka has a puffy lining which is sewed in them. In order to maximize the protection and the insulation of the parkas, the synthetic puffed lines are used. The outer part of the parka is slick and helps in repelling the water.

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