Men’s guide for buying a perfect jacket


Buying a winter jacket is a tough job because we wear it all the time during winters and one wrong decision can completely spoil your winter wardrobe. Most men are so casual about picking a jacket that they would pick just about anything that comes first in their hand, but some are pretty choosy. For those who are confused with so many synthetic, leather and parka jackets for men that are available in the market, I have a guide to picking up the perfect one.

  • Fabric: Fabric plays a very important role if you are picking your winter wear. Cashmere and wool are considered the best among winter fabrics. However leather jackets are also suitable to some extend depending on the temperature. Avoid completely synthetic ones for they don’t allow your body to breathe. They either keep you so warm that you start sweating unnecessarily or they don’t let you get warm at all. And make sure the jacket you are picking is light, not bulky.

Parka jackets for men

  • Style: Style is another important factor in picking up right kind of jackets. Some jackets scream action while other speaks volumes of business. There is a wide range of style in jackets. The kind of style you pick says a lot about you. Like, for the young men who are in between the teenage and adult hood I would recommend a quilted jacket. It is both casual and elegant. For a formal look, you could go with a long overcoat type of thing. The length is also important. Shorter jackets are good for young men while for older ones longer jackets fits well in style. Those who mean business but in a creative way may pick a jacket or coat with classic cut that has some interesting color, pattern and designs. If you are a car person, then you might pick jackets with bright happy colors, but if you walk a lot, I would say you should avoid bright colors then. Because these colors will easily show any mark of rain drops or dust. If you are sporty or casual pick military style jackets. These go well with shirt and tie or jeans and sweaters.
  • Fit: Fitting adds the perfection to your style. Jackets are made with a thought that you would be wearing layers underneath it. So, even after you have worn a few layers your jacket should fit you pretty well. You should be able to carry your bag pack.

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