As a teenage girl how to look beautiful


Ever wondered on how you can look beautiful without trying to be older than you are? Obviously, you want to look beautiful and natural, without the use of too much chemicals on the skin. A guide on how to look beautiful as a teenager is mentioned below-

Take care of your face

Wash your face twice during the day, in the morning and the evening. One of the best features a person could have is a clean skin. Most of the teenagers have pimples because of hormones that tend to clog up the pores. If you have severe acne, you can avail the services of a dermatologist. Some people prefer to make a lather using plain soap such as ivory. Use a clean fresh cloth every time. When you venture out, a sunscreen lotion is a must. You could also consider taking vitamins as this will not only help to maintain your complexion, but you will have strong nails and hair.



Have clean hair

Stick to a hair care routine that works well best for your hair. The key is to find a shampoo or a conditioner and stick to it. Do what looks good on you and if you want to straighten your hair, one can do it. Some days you could curl your hair and the others you can do a side bang.

Take care of your teeth

Brush your teeth twice in a day, and that is early morning and night. Use of floss or a good mouth wash is also recommended. Try to avoid bubble gum as it will not send out a pleasant smell.

Stay hydrated

This is the most important of all and drink close to 2 litres of water a day. Also, consume a good amount of fruits and vegetables, which have water content in them. This will make your skin fresh and the eyes bright, and the vitamins in the fruits will keep the energy levels soaring.

Focus on the part of the body which you love most

Lay onus on the part of the body which you are in love. If you love your legs, wear a slim set of pants and if you have a nice neckline, you can wear a round neck or v-neck top. And along with that, you can wear jackets. If it is winters, you can buy the latest winter jackets for girls whereas in summers, you can opt for denim jackets as they will send out a strong fashion statement as well.

Be natural

Any sort of translucent, moisturizer which you apply should bring your natural qualities to the fore. You could also try to color your hair and this should be done on the holidays so that you can wash it off if you are not comfortable.

So, get set to rock this season!

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