Shopping attractions of Goa Tourism


Shopping is obviously not the top fascination in Goa. But, if you dig deep, you can get the best shopping experience of your holidays in this place. Be that as it may, it does make an awesome extra to your shoreline bouncing, nightlife indulgences, eating out, and touring. It is not just about the goodies you purchase, it’s all the more about encountering the bright character of shopping in Goa. One thing is for sure that Goa shopping will without a doubt end up being a reviving break from going by the same old huge city shopping centres. It will be a memorable experience for your family to cherish your holidays in Goa. You can also get some unusual shopping items which are commonly not found in the regular super markets.

Anjuna Market

It is held each Wednesday and has accomplished something of a faction status. Today, you can discover things as dark as trinkets and hoops here, and also things as large as utilized Royal Enfield cruisers. Amongst the various hot offering trinkets here, high quality lights stay a standout amongst the most looked for after collectibles. Make sure you carry good amount of cash as many outlets in this region may not accept cards for payment.


Mapusa Market

All things considered, this one is yet another exceptionally well known shopping destination from Goa tourism. The business sector is situated in a spot called Mapusa. Except for Sundays, the business sector opens consistently yet is at its most bright and clamouring best on Friday mornings. This business sector is famous to the point that merchants from different states additionally come here to show their products. Deal seekers are in for loads of excitement as you can get the best deals on all variety of goods. Try looking out for mens parka jackets while shopping in this place.

Glastonbury Street

This street has likewise done its fine share for the shopping appeal of Goa tourism. This spot is particularly a treat for deal seekers and the ones with an obsession for gift shopping. There are many little shops packed loaded with compelling items here. So, you will lose yourself in a universe of extensive outlines, bindis, and beads.

Star Magic Shop

If you need to experiment with a smidgen of eccentric shopping in Goa, you need to head straight to Star Magic Shop. As the name proposes, it is of extraordinary enthusiasm for the ones who are captivated by enchantment. Indeed, in the event that you have constantly looking for a mystery craving to be an entertainer, this is the chance for you. The Shop offers different props and other stuff utilized as a part of magic and game shows. The best part is that you even get the chance to realize some wonderful enchantment treats. Along these lines, get prepared to play the sorcerer.

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