How to dress smartly for work

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Being told to dress smart and at the same time being fashionable possess a different challenge altogether. There are some simple tips which you need to follow while planning to buy your outfit and here are some of the tips

Choose a top

You should not put on something that does not look good. A low cut blouse with a low camisole underneath it. Avoid being too dressy as well.

girls jackets

Choose your bottoms

One could also opt for smart pants, but if you feel that you need to look a bit more feminine try wearing a skirt. If you have a bold top, then plain black skirts will soften your looks. They look smart and casual and look great on all figures. One would like to wear plain tights if your shirt looks a bit short.

Choosing the shoes

Flat ballerina type shoes are a great option, but finding a pair which matches your outfit is all the more great. Do not go for exotic ones, as your shoes should be simple to reflect your level of personality. Heels can also be good, but you should need to understand that you are going for a casual look.

Light accessories

A small pair of earrings and a necklace would do along with a trendy hand bag.


  • As far as possible, avoid heavy make up
  • You need to relax and feel comfortable as far as possible. Ensure that whatever dress you wear is in order
  • Smile and make it a point that your teeth are brushed properly
  • Looks are not everything, your personality should be groomed in such a manner that it compliments your looks
  • As far as possible keep your color scheme neutral.
  • In short, make it a point that you are well groomed.

Last but not the least, clothes have huge say when it comes to look smart. This is applicable for both the summer as well as the winter months. In the winter time of the year, dressing smart possess a significant challenge of sorts. You need to protect yourself from the cold and chilly winds and the same time send out a fashion statement. This is all the more so for the fairer sex as they want to look trendy and fashionable at the same time.

Especially in the cold regions of the world women parka jackets would not be a bad idea. They are outdoor jackets with hoods. Several features are associated with this form of jacket which allows the extra parts to be removed. They are a delight for someone who loves snowboarding. In hindsight, it also offers incredible protection against the wind. This form of jacket has progressed over a period of time.

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