What you should choose dressing for the November wedding


Although, winter season is also known to most people as the festive season, it is not the common season for weddings. But, increasingly some people are opting for November weddings. Due to this fact, when you are invited for a winter wedding, there may be some confusion in your mind regarding the best protocol for dressing during the wedding. Also, you need to consider the weather of the time when you are attending at the time of wedding. One of the things, which are very important for the guests, is the outermost layer of winter clothing for the protection of the body.

The guests can wear overcoats and winter parka, which can be discarded when you go inside the church or building. One can buy these overcoats and womens winter parka jackets online from the safety and security of the home. If the scheduled wedding is in November, the dressing can become a little tricky. This is because the holiday season has not begun, but the weather is already turned cold.

Here is what you should choose dressing for the November wedding which starts from styles, fabrics and colors.


The first question, which the guests confront when they get invitation for November wedding, is whether they can wear velvet during the wedding. Most of the experts agree that this is the personal preference of the people. But, the common rule regarding the velvet is that it is best reserved for the time, which is between the Thanksgiving Day and Valentine’s Day. If you are attending the wedding some time before Thanksgiving Day, you can just get away with it. At such times, you can wear silk shirt and velvet jacket which are pretty. You can also showcase your favorite wedding jewelry with a style statement made with wide portrait neckline.

For a beautiful late fall wedding, you can always wear heavy silks such as dupioni, satin and shantung. For evening weddings, the shimmer of satin is the best dress or you can use the satin as a trim for the best effect. For November weddings, Shantung and dupioni makes the best choice during any time in the day time. You can look stunning with a silk dupioni, which has been matched with a tailored jacket for the afternoon wedding ceremony. If you want a versatile outfit, which you can also wear for special occasions throughout the year, you can choose it in neutral colors such as mocha or champagne.

For winter weddings, the shine and shimmer are very much appropriate. When the weather turns colder, you can wear the beaded top, which was over the top for a summer afternoon wedding. You can also add the pizzazz with the signature sparkly piece to a simple outfit. It can include a tailored skirt or dressy wide trousers. You can also use the beaded top with satin skirt or a long velvet skirt. To complete the look, you can layer it with lot of crystal wedding jewelry.

Whatever the season, the weddings are the special days, which you should enjoy to the full.

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