The keys to stay warm and stylish during winters

129_women wear

Winter is the time to keep your body warm through proper winter clothing, but at the time, it also gives you a chance to flaunt your style by various stylish dresses and designs of winter wear. Many people think that staying stylish and warm at the same time is not possible. Well, that is absolutely wrong. If you pay a little attention on what you wear and how you wear it, you can easily achieve the amount of warmth and style you want. Here are some tips for you for that.

Buy some stylish winter coats

You must invest in some stylish and warm winter coats and jackets that will add a great sense of style to your looks and no need to say, will keep you warm enough that you do not freeze when go out in open. Coats for women are available in so many materials and colours that you get plenty of colours to choose from. It is not necessary that you choose a woollen coat, but you can also go for acrylic coats too. It would be best to buy women acrylic long coat online in India for better choice options and better price range.

A versatile chic hat

If you really want to add a lot of style to your look, you must buy some cute looking hats that give you a completely chic look. There are many colours and styles of women winter hats available in both online and physical store and you can choose the ones that go well with your coat.

129_women wear

Wear gloves and mittens

You would not like your hand to go dry and chapped as it would be absolutely unstylish. If you don’t want that to happen to your hands, you better invest in some nice pairs of gloves and mittens. Mittens are to be worn at home as there you do not need much movement in your finger, but when going out, do not forget to wear your gloves. They are warm, as well stylish.

Cover more skin with shoes

Don’t ignore your footwear as it will be solely responsible for your feet protection from cold and your flip flops are not efficient in that. Save them for summers and spring. Buying one or two pairs of long boots with a fine warm lining would be a great idea. Boots are best because they cover a larger area of skin and provide you more warmth.

Layering is the key

In the end, the key to maximum warmth is layering of clothes. Several layers of thin clothes provide more warmth as compared to a single heavy jacket. When layering, adopt three layers of clothing that are innermost layer that is wicking layer, middle layer that is insulating layer, and outer layer that is protective layer.

With these tips and advice, you cannot only flaunt your style during winters but can also find a way to keep your body warm and cosy during the cold days.

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