The best ways to keep your kids safe in winters


Winters bring cold temperatures, thunder storms, snow and ice along with it. In this time, it is important to keep your children safe from cold weather as they are most vulnerable to this season. The body of children does not produce much of heat so it becomes necessary to take extra care of their clothing to keep them safe during winters.

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Here are some safety tips that can help you in keeping your child safe and warm.

  • First of all, you should dress your kids properly and warmly when they are going out for activities like snowboarding, sledging, or playing with friends. Several thin layers of clothing are better than a thick heavy layer. Start from thermal wear and work up to the insulating layer with a sweater and the outer protective layer. For outer layer, you can buy some good kids jackets online in India. Dressing in layers is the best way to protect your kid from winters as air gets trapped between different layers and acts as a perfect insulator.

  • For infants, make sure to keep blankets, quilts, sheepskin, etc. while they are sleeping to keep their body warm. When dressing infants, put one extra layer to their dress for extra protection and warmth.

  • In order to prevent problems like frostbites, you should take proper measures. Frostbite occurs mainly to areas like fingers and toes due to freezing of skin and the skin of children is very tender and very much prone to frostbite. Make sure that your child is wearing proper gloves and woollen socks that will provide ample amount of warmth to the fingers and toes of the child. If frost bite occurs, dip the affected areas in warm water. Make sure the water is not hot but warm with a temperature not more than 104 Fahrenheit. Do not try to rub the affected parts of the body as it can damage the soft tissues of skin.

  • It is winter but that does not mean that sun cannot damage your child’s skin. Sunlight becomes even more intense after getting reflected from ice. It is important to apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts of your child for the best protection.

  • The cold breeze of winters steals away moisture from skin very easily leaving the skin of your child dry and chipped. For that, you should apply moisturizer three or four times to the skin of your child to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

  • Make sure that your child does not stay outside for long hours. Make a rule for children to come home after some time to relax and get warm.

  • If your child is indulged in winter sports activities, make sure he wears all the protective gears like helmet, knee guard, and gum guards, etc to avoid any severe injuries, in case of an accident or fall.

With all these safety tips, you can keep your kids safe and warm during harsh winter season.

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