A perfect gift for my son’s 17th birthday


I don’t know how to start; still I will express my views on the best possible manner. This is because I surprisingly got something very special for my beloved son and for that I was the happiest one the day. My son just started moving to college, but he is a little shy. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and whenever I see him. He gets into the books and just gets added up with indoor games. When I ask him to go out and play with his friends, he denies every time saying that he doesn’t have any one to play with him. One day when I crossed him talking to his school mate, his voice was quite low. I was unable to discover the reason behind it. His father works outside the country and hardly visits us in holidays. So it’s all me to help him with what he wants.


What I discovered in the short time period was the fashion trend from where he was missing. It’s because he was not so aware of the recent fashions that teens are updated with. To make that a sense, his college mates were away from him.

How I got helped:-

Thinking about his problems I got night mares every day. But then decided to have an end to that. I don’t have patience to see my son sad. I thought for a shopping next noon to get him some stylish attire. Later I thought to take him with me for that. Both mother and son went out on shopping to select some of the best for his winter wears as well. To my surprise my son selected a winter jackets. That was cool enough but still was quite costly and crossed my budget. So I avoided that and brought him back with sadness. He didn’t have food that night. But still I was into vain for a solution to that. Later while surfing some sites I came across the online shopping. That gave me something quite interesting. When I saw a boys winter jacket online I got happy. It was not just the jacket which was the reason. But the price and the design. It was somewhat same or you can say a better one that my son selected at the shop. When I saw the price, it was even 40 % less than the price at the shop. One more thing I came across was the refunding policy that stated to get the stuff back if you think is not according to your choice. Next moment I didn’t think anything and just ordered it.

The happiest moment:-

It was the birthday of my son and he was away to college. Without his concern I rang to his friends and arranged a small party. When he was back in the evening, he got happy to see all and the get together. But some thing that made him the happiest next moment was the jacket which I gifted him. He saw that when he went to his room. He came back wearing it and felt better with the appreciation from his friends that he got. This moment was just the most exciting moment for him but the happiest moment for me.


Some thing I could have bought would never have given me the happiness that the online shopping of the jacket gave me. Really it’s the best and I didn’t feel to return back the product as it was best in quality as well.

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