Stinky Things Pong – Deodorize Life Smartly


Life stinks when things around you pong. Stinky things are a real menace and overcoming the problem is tough. However, some household staples are very resourceful in providing the comfort you need with getting rid of the odors and stink. Well, it can be anything right from your four legged furry kiddo to your armpits and from your car to fridge. Well, get rid of these smells with a simple idea and you can do it well, every time you encounter such smells. You can also pass on these tips to your friends after trying them on your own. Spreading the knowledge is amazing as buying winter jackets online India stores offer on winter sale. Therefore, get set to reinvent the true meaning of enjoying the freedom from the stink in life for once and for all.


  • This one is handy and suitable even when you are on the go. Mix equal portions of baking soda and corn starch and keep it ready in a shaker bottle. Sprinkle a tad of mixture on your armpits to absorb the stink that announces your arrival.
  • Charcoal is great in absorbing smells. You can leave a few charcoal briquettes in a stinky room to refresh it. The trick works amazingly, when your pets are responsible for stink and funny smells in a room.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on pet fur and brush gently. Baking soda absorbs funny smells making your pet fresh and crisp just the way you want it. Go ahead and try it on dogs and cats but do not try it on rats, snakes, frogs, and crocodiles.
  • Use white vinegar to deodorize a room. You can keep a bowl full of vinegar in a room for a few hours. All the funny smells disappear as vinegar absorbs them completely. Vinegar has superb capacity to absorb smells. Well, dispose of the vinegar once the room freshens.
  • Used coffee grounds come handy in deodorizing musty odors from fridge. Wrap some used coffee grounds in a paper towel or cotton cloth and leave overnight. It absorbs odors and leaves refreshing aroma of coffee. Repeat when necessary.
  • Smelly car is miserable ride. However, you can make it fresh at a measly price. Pick the cheapest brand vodka from the store, pour it in a spray bottle, and spray a bit in the car. It has a superb capacity to pull all odors instantly and alcohol smell disappears in a while making your car fresh as new.

Be sure to check these remedies when you are in distress. Freedom from stink is priceless and these remedies offer it at measly expenses. Therefore, go ahead and try them out as and when necessary. Moreover, the control these remedies offer is unparalleled and it truly relieves you from the biggest blemish on your housekeeping abilities. Stay fresh in a pristine ambiance and keep stink at bay. You deserve it anyway. Never miss the point to use the right remedy and share with your friends to help them in living a stink free life too.

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