Be A Weirdo Nerd And A Great Leader Too


The company culture depends upon a lot of things. However many bosses think that maintaining the sanity is their role and they have to do it sanely. In turn, they start faking things up and employees do come across the reality in one way or the other. On the other hand, acting weird helps in overcoming the typical problems coming out of faking and you always are at a positive side as far as winning the trust of employees is concerned. Therefore, be sure to work on your priorities and give an optimistic boost to the work culture in your company. All you need to do is act weird at some times. Well, it works wonders just as men winter jackets in winters. Try it today.


Open Up To Be Yourself – Others Follow

Be yourself and shed off the faking for some time. Your employees know when you fake things up and in fact, you lose all the respect in turn. Act weirdly and let others be a part of it. It helps in two ways. Firstly, you overcome habitual faking and earn the respect back. Secondly, it creates a lighter mood in the office boosting everyone to follow you. Your weird act turns into a solid mood booster required for uncompromising productivity. Therefore, open up, be yourself, and other follow undoubtedly.

Innovative Ideas Let The Dice Roll Forever

You need tons of creativity to act weird in a sensible manner. It also helps you in deriving innovative ideas that work wonders for you. Moreover, you can always use a make shift arrangement to deviate negativity and make your office a cool place to deliver. Your employees are motivated with your creativity and innovative ideas. It in fact, inspires them to deliver more to match your pace or fail otherwise. Positive motivations work the wonders and make people do what you want them to do.

Build A Better Team Naturally

Team members need a spirit to connect with each other and in this case, weirdness plays the role of a connector. This works wonderfully while hiring new candidates and weirder candidate gets higher scopes provided he or she fits to the other bills like merit etc. however, being weird is not so easy especially when you are the only boss and everyone is watching you. Therefore, understand the difference between being weird and faking things around.

Change the way you motivate your team by adding quirky tone. People love to follow something new and rather unusual. It makes a huge sense while you build a delivering team. However, you ought to preserve the balance of sanity at all times as exceeding the threshold could cost you a lot more than you expect. Therefore, be the best weirdo and motivate everyone around you to follow you. The funny world in your company truly is energizing at all times and it helps you in turn with promised deliverables every time on time. Tweaking the lifestyle a bit is quite more promising than you may ever expect; try it today.

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