Women’s guide for picking up perfect Jackets

sleevless jackets

Jackets are so in style these days. Women love wearing jacket. It gives them style and confidence. There are biker’s jacket, waterfall jackets, printed jackets and women sleeveless jackets. There are so many options available but it is important to choose right jacket for your body type.

  1. a) Hourglass figure: Women with hourglass figure have well defined waist. Hence a jacket that shows it off is most suitable. Pick one with nipped waist or belts and extends below hip or thighs. Warp jackets or shawl coats are also good options. Avoid the ones that have straight lines from bust to hips that will give them a look that is squarish shape.

  2. b) Pear shaped figure- Women that have pear shape have wide hips. So they should pick a jacket that draws the attention away from hips and attract attention to bust. The best picks are the jackets that have details around the neck and bust. Look for details like round neck, a cut that accentuates your waist, puffed shoulders or breast pockets and the length falls past hip bones or the thickest parts of your thighs. The jackets for this body type should balance out the wide hips and thighs. Added scarf, earrings and eye makeup will also help.82_sleevless jacket for women

  3. c) Inverted Triangle figure- In picking up jackets or any dress the main focus should be in softening the wide shoulders and making it look narrow. Longer jackets with flared hemlines accentuate the hip portion by creating curves. Make sure the jacket has minimal details on the top and more volume at the bottom. Attention can also be diverted to legs by combining the jackets with detailed footwear.

  4. d) Apple figure- It is more like pear shaped figure. Wide waist and narrow shoulders make apple shaped figure. So pick up a jacket that skim past waist and accentuates bust area and shoulders and floats on hips accentuating it as well. A wool coat nipped right below the busts is a good option. Puffed shoulders and detailed work around neck and bust would draw attention to the upper part.

  5. e) Rectangular figure- For Rectangular body shape it is important to pick wearable that creates curves. Jackets nipped at waist and flared at hem are suitable. Experiments with various details like puffed shoulders, double breasts, pockets, large buttons etc. can be done to create a perfect look. Petite women should focus on adding texture and avoiding color blocking.

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