Tips for taking care of your leather Jackets


Jackets keep us warm during winters. They come in all types- leather, suede, down, linen and there are hooded jackets, full-sleeved jackets and you can shop for all of them including sleeveless jackets online. But you also need to take care of them all the year round. Different materials seek different tending. I am going to tell you how to take care of your leather jackets.

Taking care of leather Jackets-

A good quality leather jacket is expensive. So, in order to retain its style, quality and comfort, it seeks a good care.Before you begin doing anything to it, keep these points in mind:

  1. a) Identify the type of leather- leather have different types:-

-> Aniline- These are chemically treated full grain leather. It has the hide’s natural tone and grains and is usually used to make tan or brown leather jackets.

->Nappa- These are also full grain but are the hides of lamb or sheep. These are durable, supple and soft and are expensive and of a higher grade.

-> Suede- These are similar to Nappa but softer. These are not durable and can be easily stained hence they need proper protectant.

->Nubuck- These are buffed and finally sanded full grain or top hide of cattle. They give a soft velvety finish like suede. These are expensive top quality leather but easily stained by water hen e need proper protectant.sleevless jackets

  1. b) Leather protectors- Before you use your jacket for the first time, it is important to secure them with protectors. These protectors are colourless and odourless sprays. These sprays protect the jacket from stains of water, oils and dusts. These are important specially if you own a suede jacket. Use them once every year.
  2. c) Storage- How you store your clothes determines their condition in future. Hence, it is important to store your jackets correctly. Always hang your jackets on broad shouldered hangers away from direct sunlight or any source of heat and moisture.
  3. d) Cleaning- The labels attached to your jackets carry washing instructions from manufacturers. Before trying any technique, you must read it and adhere to it. You will need specialized leather cleaning products. Always used damp piece of cloth for wiping away dust and then wipe it again with a dry cloth removing moisture. Condition your jacket with leather conditioner and then let your jacket dry before you hang it.

Jackets tend to live long if they are properly taken care of. Otherwise be ready to lose your expensive jacket.

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