Time To Turn A Little More Stylish….!!!


As the winter steps in, the first thing you need to shop is a jacket which can provide you good warmth and make you look hot. If you don’t have a jacket yet, this winter, be prepared to get roasted by the winter chill. Jackets can make you extremely stylish. These trendy garments are available in versatile styles, colors and fabrics. We detail you all about the best jackets in India

Tips To Pick Up The Best Winter Jacket:

  • Before picking up the jacket, one must be able to find the difference between the coat and a jacket. A coat is a longer garment and might often extend up to the knees. A jacket is shorter in length and is comfortable to move around.

mens jackets

  • Choose the style which best suits you. A huge puffy jacket can provide you better warmth. However, such types of the jackets are informal. A parka jacket can be well used for formal occasions.
  • Check out for the right fit. Jackets have a tighter fit than coats. Tighter fits ensure good warmth. However, if the fit is too tight, it may arrest the free movement.
  • Always choose the jackets of reputed brands. Make sure you buy from the trustworthy online stores.

Fabrics Employed:

  • Denim, cotton, wool: The blends of these fabrics are easy to maintain. Wool is the most preferred winter fabrics since ages. Jackets made from these fabrics bring out the best warmth. They are the most preferred winter fabrics for jackets.
  • Leather and fur: Though, the jackets made from these fibers are expensive, they have a good reputation for their durability, luxurious look and incredible warmth provided.
  • Down and fiber-filled: Down is extracted from the goose. Down or synthetic fill in nylon or polyester can make you feel comfortable in any chilling conditions.
  • Synthetics: In the past decade, synthetic fibers have replaced many natural fibers. We can obtain jackets made from synthetic fibers at lower prices. Moreover, these fibers are durable and possess all the desirable qualities.

Types of Jackets:

  • Parka: These are the most preferred winter jackets. They have a hood on the neck which is used to provide warmth to the ears and head. Often, the hood is lined with fur to give extra warmth.
  • Duffle: Jackets of this kind may or may not have the hood. Alluring colors and prints of duffle coats are available. Pick up solid tones, which can bring out an elegant look.
  • Printed jackets: When your ultimate goal is to stay warm, you definitely can’t miss out the printed jackets. Various animal printed, floral, funky and geometrical styles are available.
  • Trench coat: It is a truly classic winter wear. These jackets have gained wide popularity through movies. They bring out the true style in you. These garments can be used with trousers, denims or leggings. It has a unique cut, which can make you look slimmer than you are..!!

Other than the above listed jackets, we can also obtain jackets designed specifically for sports like skiing. Skating, etc.

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