Spring jackets for men


Jackets not only protect you from the weather outside but also have become a style statement now-a-days. One cannot just wear any jacket. Like any other dress even they have a rule of dressing. Sleeved or sleeveless jackets for men online shopping will take you in to a world of unlimited types and styles of jackets. They will easily leave you confused. You would end up wanting each of every type. But before you hit that buy now icon there are things you need to know about jackets.

sleevless jacket

There is a long list of types of jackets that you can easily find on Wikipedia, but not all jackets are meant for everything. Different jackets play different roles. Here I will discuss with you some spring jackets, their looks, style and use.

  • The Safari jacket: These are four pocketed light weight jackets that are meant for hot climates. Originally it was made based on khaki drill military jackets, but with the time the jacket has come to shed its khaki association and now comes in varied color. Its versatility has made it pretty loved among the male crowd. It looks best with dusty or earthy neutral colors such as beige, off white, brown, cream, military green etc.
  • The Tech jacket: No, these don’t come loaded with technology. Instead the technology has made your cotton and linen jackets waterproof, hence the name. These can be used as rain jackets as well. try bold colors over lightweight suit. You can also combine a Parka or hooded jacket with your shirt or sweater.
  • The Bomber jacket: These jackets hold the military heritage with a youthful counter-culture style. It is a classic outwear piece on its own. These are pretty versatile jackets that goes equally well with a pair of distressed jeans and tailored trousers. These also look good over button down, slim line joggers and sweatshirts. If you are using a bold printed version, the standard rules of dressing apply.
  • The Cotton jacket: These are the smarter and fail-safe options. Cut from shirting cotton, these lightweight jackets are idea for spring. For a casual look pair it with simple jeans and t-shirt. You can also try it with Oxford shirts and chinos. You can also wear it with a formal shirt and tailored trouser for a formal look.

These are just a few ideas for your spring jackets. Winter jackets go by different rules and same is the case with the jackets for windy climate. So, make the right pick and look every inch of a stylish man that you are.

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