How to dress on a budget?

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You like to dress well, but do not have the budget to do so. If you are provided with a little bit of information, then you can do a great job. So here is how to do it

  • Take a list of the items in your closet and make a list of things you need. It does not mean that you will purchase new set of clothes with each winter, but in line with the fashion trends, you can keep them updating as well. If you have a list, you tend to better focused and any form of impulse shopping is restricted.

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  • Then buy the best of clothes which you can afford. They provide better quality and durability which means that they tend to last for a longer period of time. You look much better and in the end one ends up saving a lot of money than buying a set of inferior clothes.
  • As far as possible stick to classical styles. It ensures that it will stand the best of the times, and in no ways will tend to outdate you as one picks up the latest fashion trends.
  • Opt for the mix and match styles. If you exercise a little bit of carefulness, then you can ensure that the clothes stand for a longer period of time. An example in this regard is five pair of shirts with two pants and the net result is that you get 10 combinations. On the other hand, if you pick two combinations, the net result is that it reduces the accessories you need also.
  • Ensure that most of your purchases are during the same period. You can get sleeveless jackets for men at throwaway prices and you can send out a strong fashion statement as well. Most of the reputed stores have their off loading period in terms of stocks and the key is to keep an eye on them. With a little bit of patience one can bag the best in terms of deals.
  • Choose solids over patterns- focus and build your cupboard on 3 to 5 colors which look good on you. Not only will it allow for more mix and match opportunities, eventually in the long run it will reduce the number of accessories you will need as well.

Dressing well will not cost you a fortune. If you spend a little bit of time planning your needs, and consider your wardrobe as a worthy investment, things will be much easier. The net result is that one can go a long way as well. It will also look like you are spending a lot on your clothes while the fact is that you are choosing your combinations correctly.

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