Safe Driving In Winter – Beware Of The Fog


Reduced visibility is extremely dangerous for you as well as others and fog certainly is responsible for it. Well, your road trip could turn into unstoppable nightmare for you if you meet with an accident due to poor visibility. However, taking a few precautions help you to stay safe and away from the concerns. It is as adaptive as buying jackets for men sleeveless online. Impaired visibility during foggy condition is common for everyone on the road and it offers serious risk for drivers as well as pedestrians. Here are a few smart tips that help you to stay away from the problems and enjoy a safe ride.


Understand The Difference

Driving in foggy condition is significantly different from driving on a plain road. Fog adds innumerable difficulties and impairs your sense of the judgment. Thick fog often reduces visibility to a great extent and causes a concern for driving. The best way to stay safe is to avoid driving during foggy conditions. However, follow these precautions if at all driving is necessary.

  • The golden 2 seconds rule is a fantastic way to overcome common problems. Leave sufficient space between the front cars. It offers adequate margin for stopping in emergencies.
  • However, do not make a point to follow the taillights of the front car. It is easy and tempting too. However, you may thrash the 2 seconds rule unknowingly. You need to keep a margin if the driver in the front hits the brake during emergency.
  • Another good idea is to keep the windows open at the junctions as it offers extended scope to listen to various sounds. It definitely helps you to drive safe. This way you can listen to approaching traffic. Moreover, halting with the front and rear lights on is the best choice if visibility is as good as zero.
  • Make sure to learn how to use front and rear fog lights before you hit the gas pedal. Simple negligence could lead to severe accidents and make you suffer a lot. Moreover, always make sure not to mess up between the fog lights with upper and lower beams.
  • If your car has automatic headlight system then it is strongly recommended to turn it on manual control during your drive through fog and impaired visibility. At times, the sensors are unable to detect precisely and could cause a concern for you.
  • Moreover, stay alert and vigilant and try to read out about the traffic from all the senses. Driving in poor visibility is a great risk and you need to be very careful if at all you need to take it.

Make sure to deal aptly with the driving essentials during such criticality. However, avoid driving in such climatic adversities in the first place. Carry a fully charged mobile phone with you in the car. It comes handy during emergencies. A few precautions help you to stay safe while you deal with climatic variations. Drive safe, someone is waiting for you.

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