Bungee Jumping – Speechless Experience Of A Terrifying Fall


Adventure tourism has been a prominent interest of worldwide tourists and their unending search to unleash the excitement stops at Nepal. Nepal hosts a broad array of adventure tourism activities and one can dare the nature to feel the rush of the adrenaline. Moreover, all these events of the adventure sports are located amidst the serenity and wealth of lush green nature and rugged mountains. You may encounter snow somewhere and the other place offers the wild aquatic action. Bungee jumping in Nepal is such a thrilling activity and it offers a speechless experience of a terrifying yet safe fall. Well, sleeveless jackets for men online shopping indeed come handy when you set off for a jump of a lifetime. It is all about challenging the nature and enjoying an exotic vacation loaded with thrill and unstoppable excitement.

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Get Set For A Jump Of A Lifetime

Nepal offers splendid facility to enjoy bungee jumping. Nepalese venue for bungee jumping is located amidst the thick forest and a raging river. It offers some exciting options like

  • Trekking – Various one daylong and even weeklong trekking routes are available. Thus you can multiply the thrill by taking a trek depending upon how time permits. Moreover, facilities offered here are excellent and they indeed become a dependable source for procuring all the essential supplies.
  • River Rafting – Bhoti Kosi River offers superb opportunity to experience unstoppable excitement with the river rafting facilities. It truly turns into a memorable experience when you swirl and whirl amidst the rampant river holding on to your raft.

Bungee jumping at Bhoti Kosi River is the only place in Nepal offering such premium attraction for tourists. A steel suspension bridge hosts the jumping spot. Right below the bridge is Bhoti Kosi River. The raging river offers a scary picture and often some of the tourists retract from their mission to fall. However, bungee jumping here is managed by top-notch professionals who are in this business day in and day out. They know all the insider’s secrets and help you unleashing the real thrill of falling from the sky.

Come Fall In Love

Well, you need to travel a distance of around 12 km or a bumpy bus ride of roughly 3 to 4 hours. If you are surprised to know that you need so much time to cover a meager distance then do not be. Road takes the toll in terms of demanding more time to travel. However, you will forget the fatigue once you reach here. The great Bhoti Kosi River welcomes you with the growling rage. The place has superb facilities and amenities and you are never stranded in want of options. The steel suspension bridge with 166 meters width links two valleys. The amazing depth and furious river below indeed is a perfect place for bungee jumping. The setup of the bungee jumping is designed by a bungee jumping consultant from New Zealand. The wonders of the nature are calling for you to dare, are you up to it now?

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