Boot Care –Take Care Not Only During Boot Camp But Every Time You Go Out There on a Trek!


When you set the rush of adrenaline free to dare the endurance and achieve unbelievable goals, you ought to take care of boots. Boot care is not all about taking care of your trekking shoes. Nevertheless, it also refers to caring for your feet as well as socks and liners if any. You need to consider few preparations before setting your foot out.

  • Check Insoles – They come with small life cycle and often need replacement. Make sure to change them as required in pairs. You can carry an extra pair in your gear just to be on a safer side.
  • Boot Condition – Monitor stitching and pasting consistency, leather quality, and injuries to it. In addition, check for cracks, unharmed seams, fully attached and intact soles, and check if binding attachment works well.
  • Work on Interior and Exterior – Clean boots thoroughly. Use newspaper to absorb moisture if any. Wax them for enhancing the endurance to moisture. Check for odors and keep them in the sunlight for some time until the odor disappears.

These precautions ascertain that your trekking boots are in good condition and truly will be your best companion throughout the trek just like designer parka jackets men prefer. Moreover, you might also need to buy a couple of liners and socks to make a perfect match with your boots. Every care in this regard helps you to enjoy more protection and comfort.


Outdoors – Tough, Enduring, and Thrilling

Keep your boots and feet dry and do not let the moisture seep into the boots affecting your feet. It is tough as snow starts melting on your boots and seeps inside causing discomfort and other hazards for you. In fact, your capacity to walk affects severely when your feet are overexposed to moisture. You can try newspaper for absorbing extra moisture and change socks and liners as often as required. Wrapping your feet in a plastic bag is an extreme method when everything else fails. However, it might lead to Trench Foot during long treks due to moisture build up and cold climate. Therefore, always ensure that drying boots, socks, liners, and insoles is always the top priority.


Happy Feet Go a Long Way

Here are a few tips on how to keep your feet happy and go a long way.

  • Frequent exposure to air is always a better idea
  • Change your socks often as needed to maintain dry feet
  • Dry insoles and socks every day without negligence
  • Brush off snow on boots right before you enter a cozy place
  • Never dry your shoes by exposing them to over 35° C. It hurts glue and seams.
  • Feet care like timely nail clipping, washing feet on regular intervals, massaging as often as required is necessary when you are on a move.

Trekking in freezing cold temperature is quite not easy if you do not prepare in line with requirements. Handling the chill in an appropriate manner is easy although, you need to be prepared accordingly. However, never neglect any vital factor to avoid inconvenience and hassles to you and others. Make your chilly moment thrilling with adequate prep for winter treks.

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