Add Color To Mundane Life – Paint Your World


Colors certainly are an integral part of our life and painting your world surely helps in adding color to mundane life. From walls of a home to trees and from the sky to the cars, colors make things alive. In fact, colors play a vital role in setting the mood too. Therefore, rethink if you have not considered colors and painting as integral part of your life. You might be missing a huge action in life. However, there is nothing to fret of. You can contribute a little to keep the pace up and enjoy the colors of life just as you buy winter jackets online India stores offer and enjoy the warmth throughout the winter. Celebrate every moment with zest and here are some interesting facts of colors and paints that will amaze you.

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  • Plato, the Greek philosopher first invented the mixing of colors to create a new color. Well, thank god today we can see so many colors around us and our lives would have turned mundane without Plato’s invention.
  • In many countries, red colored door of a home or a building carries immense significance. In some countries, it denotes a safe and cozy place to stay. Travelers look for the red doors before they can crash for the day. In America, red colored door implied mortgage free home. Colors do speak a lot when you are listening.
  • The roots of the invention of first paint roller dates back to the year 1940 when Norman Breakey invented it back then. However, the Canadian gentleman did not commercialize it neither patented the invention. Later, another inventor created a paint roller during World War II.
  • Human eye can differentiate maximum shades of green color and surprisingly maximum shades of green color are available than any other color. Well, you make what you see.
  • Human eye has RBG or red, blue, and green sensitivity of identifying color. Thanks to the extra-ordinary cone cells. However, dogs have blue and yellow cone cells. It means your furry friend is unable to identify things colored red, yellow, or green based on the color.
  • The oldest known paint was crafted with the mixture of lime, milk, and pigments. Milk based paint was used to paint King Tut’s tomb in those days.
  • Americans discard around 10% of the paint they buy. Think of the quantity they toss to drain or discard in an eco-friendly way.

The amazing world of paints and colors has many such amazing facts and realizing them is exciting. Moreover, you can also enjoy the colors in every sense. Well, stay away from black and dark blue in winters and pick some bubbly colors like yellow instead. It will help you in cheering the mood if you feel depressed and lonely. Overcoming various everyday problems is simple only when you are up to it. Well, colors and paints truly help you in every way. All you need is gear up to enjoy the goodness to the fullest. Therefore, shed off the mundane of life and fill it with vivacity of colors. You surely deserve it.

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