Pros and cons of opting for the online route


Many advantages are associated with purchasing your clothes online, which can range from shopping at any time of the day to find a range of items that you can find while shopping. It can also result in excellent bargains and savings in cost along with more international brands. A few disadvantages are also there when you shop online and you need to guard against them.


Ability to shop round the clock

Shopping online means that you can pick up any items of your choice 24 hours a day when you can. This means that you have your own time to buy things and one can do it at their own pace. It is much easier to shop, rather than getting to physical shops after the weekend.


Wide range of choices

In case of online shopping, the choices are unlimited. This means that one can search for specific items and say if you are undertaking girls jackets online, you need to be aware of the sizes as well. As a result you can find items online that you normally won’t be able to find on the high street and the shops.

Price bargains

Online stores do not have the same set of overhead costs like the physical stores. This means that you can pass on the savings to the customers. In this manner, you can pay less for certain items online, while more generally saving money on the cost traveling to the shops.

International brands

You can get the best of the international brands sitting in the comfort of your room, which was hardly possible a few years back.

But there are some pitfalls associated with online shopping as well. In the case of an online store, you are able to ask questions to the assistants in the shop, and recommendations and tailoring services are provided on the spot. Fitting is also one of the major disadvantages associated with online shopping. You would never be aware of what size to choose and one cannot predict that will suit them as well. You have to take a guess and be in the hope that they fit. Compare this to a physical store where if one size does not fit you, one can pick up another size and choose accordingly. Along with it, there are also some online stores where the refund and exchange policy is not that customer friendly. Delays can occur in sending back the clothes and waiting for a considerable time for the right set of clothes to arrive.

In hindsight, these disadvantages are minor and one cannot harp on the fact that online shopping is the future and is here to stay big time.

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