Stay Away From Household Poisons – Are You Indeed Aware Of Them?

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Day in and day out you are amidst various household poisons whether you know it or not. These poisons like mothballs cause a serious concern especially for your pets when they innocently fall prey to poisoning. It is your responsibility to offer a safe environment for them. Especially, you might need to change the way you have been storing girls winter jackets after the season ends. Various health concerns may occur due to overexposure to poisonous vapors emitted from the mothballs. These vapors repel moths and other insects and in fact, kill them too. Therefore, take care when you handle these household poisons and especially stay away from their use.

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Watch Out For The Toxicity Levels

Inhaling mothball vapors certainly is toxic. The toxicity level of poisoning due to mothballs is classified into three categories.

  • Moderate – Moderate poisoning level is not life threatening. However, it is capable to disturb your health severely. Always take care to avoid direct inhalation of poisonous vapors.
  • Severe – Severe poisoning levels need immediate medical attention. Conditions may escalate to life threatening scale. Providing first aid is the topmost priority if you suspect severe poisoning due to household poisons.
  • Life Threatening – This is the most serious stage of the poisoning and requires top priority medical attention. You need to take maximum care during each stage.

Although unnoticed, we often use various household poisons and at times open a gateway to serious concerns for everyone around you including your pets.

Watch Out For The Symptoms

Various symptoms are indicative of poisoning conditions. Understanding them while reciprocating with them accordingly makes a huge sense as you are in a position to provide first aid and call for immediate medical assistance. Your intuitive act could save a life in distress. Therefore, understand these symptoms and their significance.

  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive urination or thirst
  • Abnormal fluid deposition in abdomen
  • Kidney failure
  • Vision failure
  • Seizers
  • Coma
  • Death

Severity of symptoms increases as the intensity of the poison increases. Always watch for first few signs and never take them lightly.

Poisoning – It Occurs In Many Ways

Poisoning due to mothballs can occur in many ways. Taking care to stay away from mothballs is always proactive and it helps you to enjoy a safe environment around you forever. Here are a few ways to watch for

  • Common mode of poisoning is through inhaling vapors. This is possible when you open packing of woolens stored many months ago along with mothballs. These packets or containers contain strong vapors.
  • Skin absorbs the content of mothballs when exposed. There are possibilities of poisoning through direct contact with the skin or overexposure to concentrated vapors in a contained room.
  • Direct oral intake is another common reason for acute poisoning.

Using mothballs with care or rather not at all using them is always the best way to stay protected optimally. Your one mistake could demand a huge toll from your loved ones or pets. Take care when you store woollens.

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