Natural Remedies To Stay Away From Mothballs And Their Horrid


Mothballs, the blend of naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene come in various forms and indeed offer excellent freedom from moths and other insects. However, have you ever considered at what cost? Well, mothballs emit poisonous vapors to kill moth. However, these vapors are equally poisonous for humans too. Severe contamination caused by mothball vapors is at times fatal too. Therefore, stay away from them as much as you can. In fact, you always need to make a room for various aspects of care before you set off to shopping online jackets for girls. It is the right approach and it makes a huge sense too.


Natural Remedies – Do They Really Work The Wonders You Seek?

Various natural remedies are available and these remedies truly are an alternative to using mothballs. Staying away from the possible problems is the foremost priority and these natural alternative remedies help you to stay away from mothball use and open innumerable gateways for you.

  • Airtight plastic containers are a great resource for handier and safer storage of your precious woollens. Always make sure that you clean and wash woolens thoroughly and dry them well before you stack them in an airtight container. You can slip in a few sachets of lavender for lingering fragrance.
  • Use of lavender sachets in closets and other garments storage areas like drawers help to repel moth keeping you free from woes and worries. Lavender fragrance is a superb repellent and it works most of the time. However, you might need to replace them once a year when the fragrance fades away.
  • Garment bags are a nice alternative for storing your woollens. These bags are available with a zip lock adding excellent sealing properties. Thus, you keep moths away from the fabric and mothballs away from your life.
  • Cedar chips are excellent repellent for insects and moths. Even cedar shavings are equally useful in driving insects away. Before a few years, closets were made of cedar wood or at least they used have internal lining of cedar wood due to superb repelling properties. Cedar shavings are available in natural supplies stores. You can wrap them in a muslin cloth and place them in closets. Occasionally, you may need to crush the bag ensuring the release of adequate oil that drives the bugs away.
  • Make sure to maintain spick and span cleanliness in all the belongings of your pets as well as all the areas they occupy in your home. Moths and bugs are attracted towards the scent and harbor at the first instance. These colonies are tough to destroy.


Make sure to use organic methods of protecting your precious woolens from moths and insects. It indeed is a superb idea and helps you to stay away from the possible hazards of mothballs. Taking precaution when possible is the fantastic idea and it keeps you as well as your family members safe forever. Therefore, think out-of-the-box and go green. It is easy, amazingly wonderful, and very safe for everyone. A small initiative changes the big picture and therefore bring the change you deserve.

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