Smartphone And Elders – How Are You Planning To Tune The Beat?


Elders in your home are quite good at math but are too dumb to deal with a smartphone. Tuning the beat therefore becomes the next-Gen challenge for you. The generation gap, lesser access to technology, and many such reasons are responsible to create the big gap. The immense need to delve into the world of newfangled smartphone is obvious these days and it results in increased responsibility for you. Well, they enter a new world and they are stranded due to many problems. Facing these problems is quite tough for your technologically-challenged elders and you need to feed the juice slowly so they can digest it. It indeed is a wonderful stage just as you buy winter coats online India stores offer. Simplify things so they can be a part of the dynamism shift.


Feed The Juice Slowly – So They Can Digest

The problem lies with the handling interface and clusters of menu options. Well, you can simplify things for them with these intuitive steps.

  • Simplify the interface for them. Keep minimal menus on the home screen as well as in the main menu screen. Use apps like Easy Mode Launcher to cut the clutter and make phone easy to use just as their old java phone. You can keep minimum icons like dialer, contacts, messages, and probably camera if the buddy wants to capture some candid moments.
  • The next stage is to create better accessibility. Hop on to settings and turn the font size to huge. Probably that fits the bill. Reading small text is a punishment and often deprives them from using the phone correctly.
  • Proceed with securing the settings by installing a program that locks the apps. Well, you do not want to keep on undo changes made by your overenthusiastic grandparent. Lock potential dangerous apps like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Settings, and other apps potentially risky when launched accidently.
  • In the next stage, stop explaining more and more as you may end up in confusing them. Well, it is an overwhelming experience for them with huge flow of technology and you can worsen things for them. Stop after explaining the basic features like receiving and making calls, reading and sending messages, and let the old buddy explore everything else at his or her own pace. Surprisingly, you will be amazed with their speed of picking up new things when they catch the interest in using the smartphone.

Trending is always a major problem for elderly persons as they are challenged in every stride of life. It may be technology or accessibility, problems are everywhere for them especially when they do not know which side of the river they are. Therefore, be sure to delve into harsh realities and simplify them for your oldie buddy. It makes huge sense for them as you take them to a brand new world in a slow and steady speed. Understand the way things work from their perspective and it helps you in bridging the gap and take them to the other side of the bridge holding their hand when they need help.

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