Kitchen Sponges And Toilet Bowl – Who Is Cleaner In Your Opinion


We often think bathrooms are dirtier than kitchen. However, things are different in reality. Well, kitchens internationally are dirtier than a bathroom and you often do not know about it. Well, kids, pets, all the people in home, and many such factors contribute in making your kitchen dirtier and well you are not aware of it too. Surfaces touched by unwashed hands is one of the major reasons for accumulation of germs. Surprisingly, salmonella and e-coli contribute wholesomely in creating hotbed loaded with bacteria and germs. Well, various other reasons contribute in making your kitchen a hotspot of germs. Well, being protective is always proactive just as buying winter coats online India store sell during the winter.


Some Things You Always Miss In Life

Simply speaking, you clean the toilet bowl thoroughly using various cleaners and scrub it with a brush regularly. Thus, you eliminate the chances of harboring germs on a regular basis. On the other hand, most of the homemakers simply rinse the sink once a day and never bother to scrub it using good quality cleaner. Well, the kitchen sink thus turns into a hotspot for germs in no time. Moreover, you cannot realize the presence of these germs until you fall sick and start diagnosing the cause. Well, it is you who transfer these germs from kitchen sink to food plates and so on although unknowingly.

Sponge Plays A Crucial Role In Germ Transfer

Sponges and scrubbers are by the kitchen sink at all the times and play a crucial role in germ transfer from one place to the other. Well, rinsing the sponge frequently is not the ultimate solution and you can overcome the problem only by destroying the germs on the sponge in the right manner. Be sure to understand the proper procedure to get rid the nasty germs and earn the peace of mind you deserve.

Sponge – How To Drive Germs Away

Cleaning the kitchen sponge is a herculean task unless you do it rightly. Germs cannot sustain high temperature as well as harsh cleaners containing chlorine. Therefore, you can microwave a wet sponge to thrash the germs away. Similarly, you can also soak it in a concoction of bleach and water to kill the germs thoroughly. However, killing the germs is impossible without the right approach and therefore, you need a correct method to deal with the problem. Cross contaminations are likely possible when you use a sponge loaded with tons of germs on it.

Take adequate precaution to keep the germs at bay from your kitchen, bathroom, and life too. Keep your remedies to kill the germs from these common places handy and use them as and when necessary. Well, spreading the germs is easy when they thrive in these places and you certainly are unaware of it. Therefore, kick start a war against millions of dangerous germs you harbor and get rid of them on intermittent levels. Well, keeping your cleaning up to the mark is always promising than falling sick and suffering from it.

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