Trendy, stylish and warm as well

girls jackets

Jacket is the outer and impact wear for all. It covers the top half of the body and the arms. In India, it is often just a fashion wear than a garment used for warmth. Only the country’s Himalayan states have very low temperatures for a substantial period of time. Other states have a cold spell for two or three weeks. People in these regions need hardly any winter clothes. Most of them make do with sweaters. Some may go in for coats. And some trendy ones can actually plump for a jacket. They wear it more for the fashionable looks and style a jacket brings, rather than to protect themselves against cold. In the states with extreme cold weather, people do use jackets but they have to go in for a heavier protection most of the time.girls jackets

Stupendous variety

Online shopping of winter jackets for women in India makes available a great variety of jackets. Cotton, leather, denim, corduroy, jute, nylon, synthetic material, wool, silk, fleece, fur and velvet or a number of combinations of any of these are the materials used. The jackets may have full or half sleeves or they may be sleeveless. They are produced in a sufficient number of sizes so that every woman can have a jacket that fits her well. The number of colors used for the jackets of women is enormous. There is absolutely no end to designs. The type of necks and collars are innumerable. The jackets for women are colorful, eye-catching and trendy.

Inexplicable pricing

The pricing for winter jackets for women is a complicated. Hundreds of brands compete for a share of the jacket sales. They publish brochures with impressive models showcasing the jackets. The brochures mention a price. Online shops also list this price. But it is scratched and a price 10 percent to 25 percent less is mentioned as the operating price. The brochures claim that the buyer is gaining that much. No one knows the how and the why of this price reduction. The online shops also offer a discount from a modest 10 percent to a robust 50 percent. Why that much and why such reduction should be applicable to only some products is never explained. And then, there are the special festival offers, which often call on the people to “Buy one, get one free.” Neither the buyers nor the authorities are interested are interested in going to the root of such pricing policies.

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