Know Your Parka Jackets

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With the winters coming shopping for jackets become inevitable. Women shop for a range from jackets to cardigans and shawls while men stick with jackets. Jackets have come a long way in their evolution process. History tells us stories about men stuffing newspapers under their jackets to keep them warm. It was from here that the idea of insulation was born. A winter jacket today has now variations. We often hear the term Parka thrown around a lot along with jackets. It is in these Parka jackets men feel more comfortable and stylish.

Most of us don’t really know the term. The basic or the only difference between a jacket and a parka is that jackets have length till your waist while parka goes a long way anywhere from your hips up to your thighs. A parka is long, lined with fur or faux fur and hooded. They have furs even on the hoods to protect face from cold air. Parka use different types of insulations that make one different from another.

  1. a) The Windbreaker Parka- These are unlined and hence not bulky, more like a wind cheater. It is light and waterproof. They can be carried easily since they are easy to fold and fit. Don’t be fooled with their light weight for they are good in keeping the wearer warm. If you travel a lot, these are the perfect companions for winters.mens jackets
  2. b) The Ribbed Down Filled Parka- These have stuffed linings that are sewn, which are either synthetic or down filled. The outer is usually slick and water proof. They keep you insulated and protected from the chills of winter.
  3. c) The fur lined safaris- These are the ones that have furs lined in the hood. Thus, they keep the chilled air away from the wearer’s face. Other than that, they may be lined or not lined at all. They are made of same material as the windbreakers and hence are light weight and water proof. They also have pockets. If you are going to surf in icy weather, these may not be the good option.
  4. d) The Trench Parka- These are usually long and may fall till you knee. They protect snow and icy wind from entering in the jacket. They also have belts.
  5. e) The Drawstring Folded Hood Parka- As the name suggests, these have drawstrings around the edges and hood that can be tightened. This not only prevents icy wind and snow but also rain to a good extend from entering under your jacket. These are good options for rains as well.

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