How to look handsome


Being called cute is much better than being called ugly. Other than cute handsome is pretty pleasing to the ears. But how do you become handsome. Here are a few steps in that regard-

Be confident

Nothing, bone structure, sensible shoes or a hair cut will do more than a sense of good rather than your self confidence. You can cultivate it and work on it to achieve. The basic fact is that it has to come from inside. To begin with, stand up straight would be a great way. If you hunch, it will not only cause back problems, but present you as someone with no confidence at all. You need to sit up straight for the same reasons as well.

Smile will also keep your happy, outgoing and pleasing. It will help you from looking despair and looking tired as well. It is only when you maintain eye contact with people that you become confident. It is considered polite when talking to someone and maintaining eye contact with them. Do not stare and look at the different parts of the face occasionally. This will exclude self confidence on your part to the core.

mens coat

Style and fashion

Make your own style statement. The clothes which you wear reveal a lot about yourself. It will have an effect on how people perceive you. If you wear poor fitting clothes, people may thing bad about you. Any particular style is not much a factor, but when you wear it, you need to be confident. Say for example if you are 30, and you dress someone like 15, the obvious fact of the matter is that you are trying to show your youth. The same factor is for the style as if it does not reflect who you are, it may look fake. Say, for example, if you wear men’s coat for winter which is in line with the fashion trends, you send out a strong fashion statement as well. But have an eye on the material of the coat which you buy.

Keep your eyes open on men whom you consider are well dressed. Whether you are at the mall, or walking along the street, keep a note of the people who may seem fashionable. The key is what do you notice.

If you have no knowledge of fashion and still want to look better, then it would not be a bad idea to hire a personal shopper. They will help you identify your style, select clothes for you, and in the future, you can select these clothes for yourself as well. In the event of you not having the money, you can go with a relative for purchasing who can guide you better.

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