Dare Not To Miss This In Winter….!!!


Winters, don’t just bring out the frosty winds and raining snow, it is at this time, the world looks more fashionable. Our habitat turns into a heaven painting itself with white snow. The bright sun turns playful hiding in the clouds. It’s a high time to make ourselves trendy too. Replace the cotton wear of the summer to warm woolen wear. When you shop for this winter, start it by adding a trendy and warm winter jacket to your wardrobe. The jackets have turned out to be a good replacement for the long coats. Here under, we present you the best jackets in India.


Types Of Jackets:

  • Parka jackets: They are characterized by a hood, which is used to provide warmth to the head and ears. This hood is often lined with warm fabrics to provide additional warmth. Parka jacket is a perfect choice to pick on a frosty day.
  • Duffle coats: Coarse and thick woolen fabrics are employed in their manufacture. Primitive models of duffle coats are knee length. Shorter models have gained popularity in the recent past years.
  • Trench coat: If you are planning to move out on a snowy day, you can’t miss out the trench coat. They are made from water proof materials and can well be used in rainy season too. In general, they are double breasted and have buttons.
  • Printed Jackets: If your ultimate aim is to bring out a trendier look in winter, don’t forget to add a printed jacket to your wardrobe. They from the best party wear in winter with attractive patterns and colors.
  • Bomber jackets: These jackets have a reputation for their style. Though, they are recommended for winter, it is not advisable to choose it if it’s too windy out there.

Fabrics Employed:

A few common fabrics which are used in the manufacture of the jackets are detailed below:

  • Wool: It is highly preferred fabric because of its extreme warmth and easy availability. It is also anti bacterial.
  • Down: It is another natural fabric which best fits the winter time. It is lighter in weight and is mostly used in sports wear jackets.
  • Fleece: It is soft, breathable fabrics. It can absorb moisture at a faster rate.
  • Leather: It is the most widely used fabric in the recent past years. It provides appreciable warmth and ultimate style.
  • Synthetic fibers: There are numerous synthetic fibers available in the market each having its own designated properties. Newer types are being introduced with time. Often, blends of synthetic and natural fibers are used in the manufacture of the winter jackets.

Tips For Buying:

  • Select the perfect fit. The fit has to be selected such that it allows the free body movement and provides good warmth as well.
  • The design and color of the jacket should be appealing. Brighter colors are recommended to buy jackets in winter.
  • When you choose to go online, read the product description carefully before you purchase. Check out for shipping charges as well. Sometimes, it adds up too much to the original cost.

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