Coastal and least cold places to visit this winter in India


Northern and northeastern part of the country faces extreme cold weather during the end of the year. All the towns situated at the foothills of Himalayas and the nearby towns of the Himalayan foothills receive heavy snowfall in the months ranging from November to March. Heavy snowfall and extreme low temperatures disrupt the normal life style in the northern parts of the country forcing schools, colleges and offices to shutdown. People get some time to spend with their family in the winter season. And everyone wants to go to some other place where they can enjoy normal temperature other than extreme low and snow.

People from the coastal regions of India travel to northern states of India to explore the chilly cold weather enjoy the snowfall and many other winter adventure sports. On the other hand, people from northern India plans a vacation to the coastal regions of India to avoid extreme low temperature and cold and chilly weather. So here we are going to discuss top coastal and least cold places to visit this winter.79_sleevless

Coastal and least cold places to visit this winter

• Kerala: Kerala is also known as “god’s own country” a perfect destination to enjoy moderate temperature and exquisite line up of foods. Kerala receives heavy rain in almost every moth of the year. And it is one of the best places to enjoy your winter vacation far from the chilly cold weather of the north. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine being served in Kerala over the banana leaves along with the raw coffee beans and cocoa.

• Goa: Goa is the perfect winter vacation destination. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and all the varied types of water adventure sports. Goa is a cosmopolitan state people from every part of the world lives there. So you can enjoy all the varied cultures of the world at one place. Goa is also known as the party hub of the country. One of the biggest parties is organized in Goa on the eve of Christmas and New Year. So book your tickets for Goa now and leverage yourself with some fun and glee.

• Kolkata: Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and is also known as the “city of joy.” You can also pick Kolkata as your winter vacation destination to enjoy least cold places. If you are visiting Kolkata, you do not need heavy winter wear, sleeveless jackets for women and men would be enough. Kolkata is also famous for the cuisines being served in the city and the Bengali sweets.

So book you tickets now to enjoy coastal and least cold places of India this winter.

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