Explore Warmth In Heart Of Rugged Mountains – Explore Festivals Of Nepal


Celebrating your adventure holidays in Nepal comes with a colorful side too. Enjoying the festivals and event in Nepal is an amazing experience and it indeed helps you to unleash the best of the excitement in the real-time. Moreover, participating in these festivals offers a sneak peak of Nepali culture and vivid angles associated with it. Finding a perfect time to visit Nepal is also easy as most of the action packed activities take place during spring and summer. Moreover, autumns and winters are quite chilly and you need to prep well on packing winter wear for ladies if you plan to visit Nepal during the winter. Be sure to be a part of the excitement in Nepal and enjoy every moment to the fullest.


Fusion Of Centuries Old Tradition And People

Nepali people are progressive in celebrating various festivals. On a broad division these festivals are divided into types like

  • Religious
  • Agricultural
  • Seasonal
  • Historical
  • Legendary

Moreover, the participation level of Nepali men and women of all ages along with children is remarkable. These various festivals are celebrated as a perfect socializing opportunity. Colorful mega events are also public holidays and it does not constrain anyone from participation. Preparations for these festivals begin well in advance.

Preps – Precision Unlimited

Nepali festivals are a celebration of the good times. Moreover, various preparations for the celebration begin in advance. Arrangements and preparations depend upon various factors and the type of the celebrations. However, some of the most common preps are made for

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry
  • Practicing dances and songs
  • Gifts

The wonderful world of Nepali festivals and events has a colorful side and it indeed cheers you too. Moreover, being a part of the action is quite easy and it helps you to understand various cultural traits and the amazing heritage.

Personalization Of Festivals On The Domestic Scales

Many festivals are celebrated within the family. Traditionally, they begin with Puja or religious offerings and then into the celebrations. The spontaneous spirit of celebration moves on into a mega family event. Men, women, and children wear colorful clothes. They show their respect for elders. Moreover, distribution of gifts and sweets is quite common. Enjoying fascinated fun filled moments is a wonderful opportunity for everyone. In fact, it becomes a gateway to add colors to mundane life. Big or small, Nepali people love to be a part of the celebration on personal as well as social scales.

Nepali festivals open a broad array of celebrations and indeed offer the hope and joy to deal with the extremities of the life. Mode of celebration of these festivals is different for every type of event and that makes them more interesting and a gateway to true celebration. Be sure to check with locals on festivals and their dates if you are visiting Nepal during the spring. Catching the glimpses of Nepali celebrations is amazing and that indeed turns your holidaying in Nepal memorable. Do not miss the action when you are in Nepal; it is worth it.

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