Everything you need to know about parka


Women and their love towards cloth are immortal. They just love wearing different styles of clothes. It is also true that they always keep a check on the versatile clothes once can wear. They can listen to and talk about clothes like forever. But then not many of them know about the parka. Parka basically is a winter wear. Parka is also known as anorak but people usually confuse that both are the same whereas there is a slight difference between them. Parka or anorak is a kind of coat with a hood which has a lining of fur on its edge. The hood is supposedly going to keep the face from colder temperatures. But the difference is as such. Anorak is a waterproof hooded pull over without a front open. Sometimes it might have strings at the waist. Parka is a knee length cold weather coat usually stuffed with synthetic fiber. Not to mention the fur lined hood.

15_parka jacket

Parka in the Nenets language means animal skin. In earlier days animal skins were used for the coat and even now, in some counterparts of Arctic. But when the parka jackets got pretty famous among the fashion freaks different clothing materials were used so that a normal person could avail it. Earlier there used to be a baby pouch just below the hood where the baby would rest against the mother’s back. Mother could anytime bring the baby to the front and breast feed it. By the day parkas turned to be the best option for those who wanted a stylish winter wear. There are basically two main types of parkas.

The fishtail parka

During the end of the Second World War the US army realized that there was a need of cold proof system for the combatants to cope with the spine chilling weather. That is when the fishtail parka was introduced. The fishtail parka was first used by US militants in 1950. The reason for the name is that the coat was shaped like a fishtail at the back. It could be tied to upper legs and this facility was given for the windproof rather than the waterproof. One could run without having to face discomforts. Later on, this fishtail parka became quite famous among the normal people and now is a large part of winter fashion.


Cagoule is an anorak or a parka which is light weighted and considerably weatherproof. This type of parka doesn’t usually come with the lining. The biggest plus point of this type of parka is that it can be folded very compactly thereby saving a lot space while packing. It is also fashionable compared to the fishtail parkas and would give a great look to the women who wear it. It does have an integrated hood and elastic cuffs. You could find best parka jackets for women and compliment your looks this winter. But remember not to wear too many layers if you are wearing a parka jacket as it can get warmer than you desired.

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